AIA Holdings is a prominent study abroad company based in Sri Lanka, specializing in helping students pursue their education dreams overseas.


Client Background

AIA Holdings is a prominent study abroad company based in Sri Lanka, specializing in helping students pursue their education dreams overseas. The company initially approached us for assistance with their digital strategy, branding, and advertising needs.


Upon initiation of our partnership, AIA Holdings faced several challenges:

Limited Leads: The company struggled to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads. Traditional Marketing Approach: AIA Holdings heavily relied on traditional marketing methods, resulting in limited reach and engagement. Limited Staff: With only 4 counselors, the company lacked the capacity to handle a growing number of inquiries effectively. Lead Management: The absence of an efficient lead management system hindered lead tracking and conversion. Organic Traffic: The company’s website struggled to generate organic traffic, leading to high advertising costs.


Our collaboration with AIA Holdings spanned 3 years and led to transformative results:

Holistic Digital Strategy: We developed and executed a comprehensive digital strategy that integrated both online and offline efforts. Lead Management System: An automated lead management system was implemented to streamline inquiries and track their progress. Blended Marketing Approach: We combined digital marketing with targeted outdoor campaigns, broadening the company’s reach. Advertising Fine-Tuning: Through continuous analysis and optimization, we refined their advertising efforts for better results. Expanded Team: AIA Holdings grew from 4 counselors to over 35 staff members across multiple office locations.

By enhancing their digital presence and lead management, AIA Holdings experienced a remarkable 120% growth in sales and lead conversion.

120% surge in Sales and Lead Conversion

Enhanced Reach: Blending digital and outdoor marketing strategies expanded their reach to a wider audience, increasing brand visibility.
Efficient Lead Management: The automated lead management system streamlined their inquiry process, leading to quicker response times and improved customer satisfaction.
Branch Expansion: With our support, AIA Holdings opened a new branch in Kandy, broadening their geographic presence.
Organic Traffic Growth: Our SEO efforts resulted in increased organic traffic to the company’s website, leading to reduced reliance on paid advertising.


Through our strategic partnership, AIA Holdings transformed its business operations and achieved remarkable growth. The successful integration of digital marketing, lead management automation, and a blended marketing approach led to increased sales, enhanced brand visibility, and improved customer engagement. As a result, AIA Holdings is now better equipped to assist students in pursuing their education goals abroad while continuing to thrive in a competitive market.